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Photo Vienna


March 09 - 27, 2022

In March of this year, Vienna will once again be all about photography: from March 9th to 27th, 2022, the FOTO WIEN festival, together with more than 140 exhibitions and over 300 events , will focus attention on the medium of photography. The festival is organized by KUNST HAUS WIEN and has numerous program partners. Museums, exhibition halls, galleries, art universities, exhibition rooms show current photographic positions from the areas of artistic, but also reportage and fashion photography.

This year's festival is characterized by two thematic focal points: Female photographers in focus highlights the outstanding photographic achievements of women, which are not always adequately recognised. Rethinking Nature/Rethinking Landscape focuses on the key role of photography in the perception of nature and landscape and critically examines how we deal with it. Local and international positions from artistic photography, documentary, reportage and fashion photography can be seen in individual presentations and thematic group exhibitions throughout Vienna. In addition, the extensive supporting program with guided tours, workshops, symposiums, talks, book presentations, daily photo reviews and studio visits invites you to deepen your understanding.

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