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with PLMA
PLM Associates (PLMA) is a collaborative project between artists Anita Allyn and Mauro Zamora. Through this project Allyn & Zamora reflect on corporate rhetoric and values to call attention to the impermeable facade of corporate structures while highlighting a rupture within the capitalist system.
Vox Populi, Philadelphia 

Parallax View: Anita Allyn with PLM Associates


Inkjet on metal, inkjet on vellum, 3 tables, monitor, DVD, 2 paper shredders, small safe, self-bound Annual Reports, wall paint, map


In Parallax View, PLMA probes the dark side of international business practices by focusing on the insular conversations and ideas that might be discussed in the conference rooms of the numerous multi-national conglomerates that control global capital. To that end, this exhibition posits that the strategies, advertising campaigns, the corporate, political and academic associates with companies of this type are malignant in nature, undertaken with a military-like precision in order to control the outcome and any and all business dealings. In this sense, Parallax View includes, if only on the periphery, the idea that this kind of business strategy can come off as conspiratorial; paranoid at best and always as insinuating a reading the places the companies in a position of power and control. PLMA’s boardroom serves as a defunct stage, the company in crisis mode strategizing a way out of a problem situation. Through objects, images, graphic design, video and performance, PLMA offers the boardroom as the locus of abstraction; where campaigns, schemes, meetings and covert planning take place.

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