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February 5-21, 2016
Vox Populi Gallery
 This special exhibition is a reflection back and a look forward, with each current artist member of Vox Populi inviting a past member to exhibit work. This collective re-calling highlights Vox Populi’s ongoing commitment to experimentation and the expansive practices of the membership at large. As we evolve into a new exhibition calendar with a two-month run for each show in the space, while unveiling a newly renovated and integrated performance space, we invite you to celebrate change and our past, present, and future with us. No Wave Goodbye will feature the work of 17 Vox Populi Alumni: Anita Allyn, Corey Antis, Leah Bailis, Piper Brett, Jamie Dillon*, Jay Hardman, Will Haughery and Kris Harzinski, Laura Heyman and Michel LaFleur, Vera Inc., Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib, Tristin Lowe, Philip Mott, Roxana Pérez-Méndez, Tim Portlock, Paul Swenbeck, and Mauro Zamora.

An Unfixed Image: The Photographic Across Media, Curator

Opening on March 11, 2015,  the exhibition An Unfixed Image: The Photographic Across Media will explore the nature of the photographic image and its relationship to embodiment as an object. From its inception the photograph has been duplicitous as it has existed as an image and an object, referenced the real and the fictional, and operated indexically and specifically.


The  artists in the exhibition—Lothar Hempel, Leslie Hewitt, Elad Lassry, Marlo Pascual, Eileen Quinlan, Mariah Robertson, John Stezaker, Sara VanDerBeek, and Letha Wilson—create works that engage a porous relationship between analog and digital practices while raising crucial questions about visual strategies and the materiality of the photographic image. Working with diverse methods and materials, these works reflect and destabilize photography’s ubiquity.

1.5 Million

 Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia 

Expanded Marks, Space Gallery, Portland, ME​

Implosion or Fusion: Elements Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

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